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In 1962 at the age of 11 my mother bought me a REMO snare drum. Soon after that my Uncle Bob McGann brought over a guitar he purchased for himself. He lost interested and figured I might want to use it. Prior to that I had a plastic "Hootenanny" guitar that was hard to keep tuned.

I immediately purchased the classic “Mel Bay” beginner guitar book. I couldn't read music at the time but spend countless hours learning the chord positions. The “action” on the neck was about a half inch high. That means I had to press those strings down with every bit of strength in my hand.

I would later purchase a VOX Super Meteor apple red electric guitar. In 1987 WPST radio station played "Love for Sure".
















































Above playing my HEIT guitar and the Remo snare I got years earlier.
Above with my 1967 Vox Super Meteor red guitar. Milton H Allen Elementary school. You can see brother Chuck in left hand corner.
My basement studio were I recorded 4 - 8 - and 12 track songs over the years. I taught myself some basic piano chords and wrote and recorded about 50 songs. My Rosemark (named after my daughter and son) Publishing Company would later be listed in Billboard, Mix Magazine and the Songwriters Market annual books. I would recieve thousands of songs from all over the world and showcase them to the record companies in New York. (1987)
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