Fitzphotos: (website by: Bobby Fitzpatrick born: 1951)

Charles Aloysius Leo Fitzpatrick (nick name C.A.L.F) was born Jul 23, 1878, Forester, Michigan. Died September 7 1943, NJ from Esophageal cancer. He smoked a pipe while delivering the mail on both horse and wagon and the model mail trucks. He is buried in Beverly Memorial Cemetery in Beverly N.J.

Occupation: Mail carrier for US Postal Service, later postmaster for Beverly, NJ Listed as Veteran of Spanish American War1898 (noted in 1930 census). Played the Violin and had a Piano Tuning Business.


My Grandmother:

Wife: 1) Eleanor Beekler, born. September 23, 1885, in Philadelphia died unknown after 1940?

Eleanor's Nephew my second cousin was Army Ranger Voloney Edward Beeker killed on D Day Omaha Beach 26 years old. Voloney Edward Beekler was born 12/11/1917.  Baptized 1st Presbyterian Church, Riverside June 1918. He was 26 when he died on D-Day. He is buried near Omaha beach. CLICK ON LINK


At age 27 my Grandfather married Eleanor age 19 in Aug 1905, Beverly, NJ (from Burlington County Library Newspaper Index). Children with first wife Eleanor Beekler were Charlotte (aunt Doll)b. abt. {later married to Gene Poole} 1907, Charles Walter (my Father) 1908,

In 1920 – Eleanor, age 34 after 15 years of marriage moved back to N. Gratz St. , Philadelphia with son Charles Walter (my father)and daughter Charlotte (aunt Doll).

His second wife Charlotte Price (Haywood) Turner Fitzpatrick, born March 12, 1891, NJ, died March 6, 1932, Beverly, NJ (41 years old). Charlottes first husband was Fred Turner from Philadelphia.  Fred Sr. died of tuberculosis in1917, in Philadelphia.  Haywood is her maiden name.


Wife: 2) Charlotte P. Turner Fitzpatrick , b. March 12, 1891, NJ, died March 6, 1932, Beverly , NJ (41 years old)

At age 47 Charles married Charlotte 33 in 1925 for 7 years until her death.

She had two children from previous marriage; they were Sarah (Anna)? and Fred Turner.

Grandfather loved Charlotte very much. He was 13 years older and they had a lot of fun. Sadly she died 7 years later.


Charles Finemore Fitzpatrick (navy hero) here in 1932 age 7 . BELOW this picture on the right taken by me 2015 with grandfather added.




World War I Draft registration – Had entire name Charles Aloysius Leo Fitzpatrick. Age 40 years old 1918 WWl card. Below:


World War 2 “Old Man's” Draft registration Not shown. – Had birth date, place of birth, and notes he is retired. 1930 Census – Charles A. still living in Beverly , NJ . With 2nd wife Charlotte, They have son Chas. Finemore. age 4 yrs 3 mos (daughter Jeanne) plus Charles A. 2 stepchildren Sarah - Fred.

BELOW: Grandfathers Death Certificate:



BELOW: My Uncle Charles Finemore Fitzpatrick was injured on May 12 1945 in battle on the USS New Mexico while fight the Japanese Kamokazies. He was an AFT Gunner and was injured when one of the Planes with a 500 pound bomb dived into their ship. Below: A letter he wrote after his injure. Picture is of Thomas Fitzpatrick and Charles F Fitzpatrick pm the right (cousins) in Hawaii Feb 12, 1945



My grandfather's son by his first wife Charles Walter( my father) 16 had a romance with his step sister Sarah (Anna). They married producing five children. They were Elizabeth, Walter (Buddy), Catherine, Charlotte (Shotty) and Eleanor. Two of those children Walter Jr.(Buddy) 2 yrs 11 mos and Catherine C. 1 yr. 9mos were listed on the 1930 census as grandchildren living with Charles A.L.F. and his second wife Charlotte.


BELOW : My Fathers first wife: BOTTOM left: Anne Turner Fitzpatrick grave site St Peters in Riverside N.J. Nov 30,1909 to March 2, 1970 She and my father had 5 children. Elizabeth, Walter-Buddy, Kathryn, Charolett-shotty, and Elenore, named after is mother. BOTTOM right : Emma Jean Fitzpatrick Logan, Half sister of my Father Charles Walter Fitzpatrick .


My Father: Charles Walter Fitzpatrick (1908-1973) My Mother: Florence McGann Fitzpatrick Nov 17, 1924 - Oct 6, 2009 16 years differents in age.

In 1940 my father was the refrigeration mechanic for the Locker Plant on Locust street in Moorestown N.J. My mother lived across the street and would walk over to talk to him. She was almost 17 he was 32. They struck up a relationship, he divorced his first wife Sarah and rushed to Maryland to get married when my mom turned 18 in 1942.


My Mother:

Mom had the energy of three woman, which she would need. My dad worked two jobs, a Refrigeration Mechanic for Local 322 and worked nights and weekends repairing refrigerations systems for all the local resturnarnts , butchers, dairys, and ice cream palores. He was seldom home during this period. By the late 1960's after juggling 10 children and and sometimes 5 stepchildren, things were starting to catch up with her. Prior to that she keep us all feed and clean and always looking nice. As I got older (now 65) I relized that she didn't have a minute to herself for about 30 years. I believe her motto was "never complain and never explain". All that pressure she felt she was doing her best and never made excuses nor did she cry on anyones shoulder. She just kept moving forward.

Florence McGann Fitzpatrick circa 1940 above

Florence McGann Fitzpatrick circa 1941 above

Mom and Dad loved to socialize and lite up a room with her enthusiastic personality. Below with close friends Joe and Betty. Joe worked with my dad in Local 322. We later called them Uncle Joe and Aunt Betty Konopy. Damaged picture Circa 1956


Below: Dad, Judy, Jacky, Mom and me Bobby Circa 1955

The two photos above were taken the same day. My father was getting home from work Bobby Judy and not sure. Circa 1955

My 7th Birthday 1958 with 8 children, 2 more on the way. The house was always emaculate not a spot of dirt anywhere. Left to right children are Maggie, Ruthie, Jimmy, me Bobby, Chucky, Danny, Mom, Judy and Jacky. January 1958. I'm assuming my Dad took the picture.


Boardwalk of Atlantic City N.J. around 1963. Mom took the picture. There were 9 or 10 kids still living home at the time. Even with a big station wagon we couldn't take everyon on a trip at the same time. Our uncle Bob McGann would help out and take his care on occassion. Do you see that scary clown?


BELOW: Only know picture of Mom Florence McGann Fitzpatrick with all of her sons. (Three Girls also)

Left to Right: Chucky, Jimmy, Joey , Jacky, Bobby (me), Kevin, Danny . Mom in front.





























Age 40 with son Charles Finemore circa 1926. Charles Finemore would become a WWII Navy war hero fighting many campainges in the Pacific on the USS New Mexico,

Charles Aloysisus Leo Fitzpatrick circa 1942 age 64. Died 2 years later of Esophageal cancer

At age 47 Charles married 2nd wife Charlotte 33 in 1925

Charles Aloysisus Leo Fitzpatrick
My patient Grandfather caring for my Dad's first family. Seen here with granddaughter Kathryn, my stepsister.

Dad's daughter , my half sister Elizabeth from his first family. The note on the picture says "to my Uncle Lots of Love. Circa 1942 when Uncle Charles was in WWll.

My dad's first family, my half brother and sisters Walter , Kathyrn and Eleonor.